Cloudways vs Siteground Speed: Which Is Faster?

Website Monitoring and Maintenance: Why the Set-Up of Your Site Is Only the Beginning

Most of today’s business owners understand that the majority of business is conducted online. Because of this they work hard to develop a cutting-edge website that puts them ahead of the competition. While it is true that the development and creation of a website is crucial to the success of today’s modern businesses, the fact of the matter is that the setup of the site is only the beginning. If you truly want your site to succeed, then website monitoring and maintenance must be a priority in the operation of your business.

Two Main Factors That Can Result in Website Downtime

You’ve put a lot of work and money into your website. The goal is to pull in as much profit as possible. Unfortunately website downtime can be your biggest enemy when it comes to achieving this goal. For every minute your website is down, your business is losing profits. So what can you do about it? How do you avoid the inevitable? While you can’t completely eliminate website downtime altogether, you can take measures to ensure that any downtime your website experiences is minimal. The following tips will help you understand two of the main causes of website downtime and what you can do to avoid them.

Web Development – Guide On Creating An Effective Website Plan

A comprehensive website plan is vital building a new website. A website plan directs the design and development process of a new website. The website plan includes the objectives, composition, form and content of your website. In addition, marketing and budgeting are important component of business website plans. Begin with an ingenious plan and you will enhance your chance of having a manageable and successful project.

How to Maintain Your Website’s Performance

In the era of the Internet, a website is one of a company’s most valuable assets. The usability and performance of a site can make or break a business’s image. What many business owners don’t realize is just how crucial the performance of their website really is. If a website’s performance isn’t up to par, profits and customers will both be lost along the way. How do you ensure that your website’s performance is properly maintained and your image and profits are kept intact? Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Websites Creation In 2013

There has been changes in the internet technology in 2013. Thus web developers should design websites that go with the latest updates.

Tool Helps Amateurs Create Instant Websites

Thanks to a recent innovation, anyone can create websites in just a few minutes with no previous programming experience. The tool that makes this possible is called WordPress. It’s best known as a blogging tool, but it can be used to create any kind of professional-quality website.

Why Web Developers Should Avoid Using Tables In Their Layouts

Take a moment to browse the internet and delve into the source code of a few of your favourite websites – do you notice that table-based layouts tend to be the most popular? As a web developer, think about the layouts that you have worked with in the past and the ones that you are currently in the process of coding – are they table-based, too? Maybe it’s time to take a break from these tables, and here are 6 reasons why they should be avoided at all costs:

Website Integration for Mobile Devices

Website integration for mobile devices are very popular nowadays. It gives many advantages and help to be in touch with more and more customers. The young people are surfing the Internet every day.

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