Disable WordPress Update Emails – How To Disable Plugin Update Notification in WordPress

WordPress Hits 50 Million Websites: Why So Popular?

As WordPress passed the milestone of 50 million websites on Wednesday 13th July 2011, we consider why this open source blogging tool which came from humble beginnings has become so popular in the online world. A Google search for “free blog” shows WordPress as second only to Google’s Blogger, owing vastly to its now 50 million strong community of websites. So why is WordPress so popular?

Create A Majestic Joomla Photo Gallery With Mac Effect for Your Website

Photo Gallery plugin is an image galley plugin to show categories of images in your Joomla website. The Joomla image gallery extension is a blend of smooth gallery and mac dock effect giving a stylish photo gallery in your website.

AJAX File Upload

Upload file using AJAX technology is not possible. But using iframe object it is possible to create an interface over a HTML form such that it produces an effect AJAX upload.

Skills for Website Design And Development

For any modern business website is very important one. It should be well structured, professional looking and user friendly for showcasing your business and the services which are offered by your business.

How Web Development Helps to Improve Your Business

Taking web development for granted could lead to a sorry end for your online business. Yes, it might sound scary, but it is true.

Accessibility in E-Learning

The Disability Discrimination Act currently states that every business operating website should offer the basic accessibility requirements, same as in physical premises. With the user becoming more and more the focus of the online world, it was only a matter of time before such an amendment was issued.

JQuery: An Intro for Beginners

Prior to the world of Asynchronous Javascript & XML (AJAX), the approach to developing on the web was a tad different. Input fields accepted information, the information was usually submitted by clicking on a submit button, and then your page was reloaded with the actual POST or GET variables. For people that have not yet jumped on the actual AJAX bandwagon yet – this really is likely an approach you nevertheless use. For some functions, this could still be a great choice. However, more and more individuals are adopting an asynchronous approach to their development practices. It’s never been easier, thanks mostly towards the wonder that is JQuery.

Prestashop Website Templates and Their Features

Prestashop is a free open-source e-commerce solution. Some of the advantages of having a Prestashop template is the flexibility and customization but they also feature some disadvantages like lack of scalability. First of all it is important to determine the objective of the website while choosing some definite template.

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