How To Add A Custom Link In WordPress Menu

HTML Codes Tutorial – Why You Will Never Be Able to Program in HTML!

Have you ever wanted to be able to program HTML. Read on to find out just why it is that you’ll never be able to do so.

Taking Measures For Making Websites

Consider managing to get a website on the Internet conveniently, and it seems to have pretty good quality. While there are various ways one may get a website up, one way is significantly appealing.

How to Manage Your Web Properties

In this article we discuss what is actually mean by “web properties”. Let me say straightaway that what we don’t mean is advertising your real estate on a website – I guess they are web properties in a literal sense, but they are not the kind of web properties we are talking about here.

HTML Codes Tutorial – The Myth of Self Documenting HTML Code – The Comment Tag Clears the Confusion!

Have you ever looked at a piece of HTML code and been confused beyond belief? The solution is simple with the HTML comment code tag and I’ll show you how to best use it when you read this.

A Basic Scenario of Monetizing a Website

There is no doubt that website is the heart of your online business presence. Without a website, neither you can represent your business nor can you serve the largest market of customers. Therefore, just creating a website and giving it a nice layout and navigation is not enough.

Buying and Selling Websites – The New Virtual Real Estate

There is a new movement taking place on the Internet. Some call it site flipping — some call it virtual real estate. It’s the newest business model making millionaires on the Internet.

The Need of Customized Web Application Development Solutions

Nowadays, it’s perfectly possible to secure web application development solutions that cater to your business needs. Depending upon the nature of business type, right from financial and educational services to online product selling, website development and application solutions can offer complete remedy to your problems.

Website Validation – Should You Validate Or Not?

Website Validation Article, describing the pro’s about website validation. Why should you validate?

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