WordPress Website Maintenance Tutorial Videos Made For Beginners (Step By Step)

Web Development – Prelaunch Checklist

Your long-awaited website is near to completion and you are eager to launch it into the World Wide Web, but before you get carried away there are a few final checks which need to be made! What you need to do? To make the prelaunch process easier on you and your developer there are a number of checks which you can and should be performing.

W3C Standards

Although not a regulated or fully formed “industry”, the Web (sites, applications and services) is still subject to certain standards for technical specifications.The World Wide Web Consortium – W3C – is an international community that has developed these standards to promote the long-term growth and usability of the web.

How to Build a Successful Joomla Powered Website?

Those who are into online business understand the importance of a Joomla powered website. We all know that Joomla is an open source management system and anyone can build a Joomla powered website. Learn here how to convert a simple website into a successful Joomla powered website.

Tips on Developing Your Website

I doubt that you would be happy to show off a business card or an office stationery that does not look presentable. Who would want to do that? The same principle is true with websites.

An Insight Into History of Flex and Flex Developer

So far as the internet is concerned users thirst for something better is the mother of major innovations and one such innovation is Flex. Users have always loved extra ordinary features and Flex is a platform which helps developers to create such platforms. Anyone specializing in developing applications using Flex is called a Flex developer.

Why Offshore Custom Software Application Development?

The benefits of custom software application development are many. Along with giving dynamism and flexibility to your web presence, it enables you to approach market scene competitively and with more practicality. The aim of custom software application development is to address the needs of business.

The Cheap Website Myth

If you’ve listened to commercial radio recently you may well have heard of at least one web development firm spruiking loudly about their sub-$1000 websites and how they are the best thing since sliced bread. But don’t be misled. What they are likely to be offering is simply the design of the website, which while important, is only a very obvious tip of the website iceberg.

The Best Website Content

Let’s talk about website content. In today’s society we understand a lot about the human brain more than ever before. Back years ago in the cave man days, you would hear the sound of a tiger and out of the corner of your eye the tiger is twenty meters away. Now if you run, you’re done for because the tiger is much faster than humans.

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