How to Automatically Post to Facebook From WordPress

iPhone Application Developer – Market Positioning

iPhone application developers are supposed to make hay till the sun shines on the iPhone. The sale of iPhone is being boosted by built in features as well as add on applications available on the Apple Store.

Web Application Development – Why Choose Groovy and Grails?

Web application development needs to be very quick in these times of tight competition among the businesses. Grails is one of the latest programming languages that serve the purpose of Rapid Application Development. The inspiration for development of this language was drawn from Ruby on Rails.

How PHP Developers Can Speed Up the Development Process

PHP development really has become the buzzword in the web development circles around the globe. The demand for PHP developer is at an all time high as the demand for superior web development reaches higher summits.

First-rate Android Application Development

Android application development is now becoming a need rather than luxury. This is attributed to the popularity of the Android smart phone. As the users of Android phones increase, a different market segment is being created.

Making Your Own Website: Free, Easy or Difficult?

The internet is expanding day by day with more services and information online now than ever before. This expansion of internet is particularly because of those many websites that become a part of the World Wide Web each and everyday. In this article we will see the methods and options available for building a website.

Need of Internet Application Development

Internet applications are now becoming a necessity. There was a time when having a website was considered just a luxury and status symbol.

Web Design and Development – Drafting Effective Response to Proposals

While responding to any such proposals one should always keep in mind that the document has been created with the intention to screen multiple bidders in reduce time and filter the results based on some parameters related to web designing work. Lack of personal touch to the communication makes it imperative that the response must be clear, complete, and concise. Your response will decide your fate so make sure that it describes your abilities and experience well and also it should induce a confidence of the company in your bid.

How to Stop and Start Over in Web Development

Just creating a website is not the point. You have to host the web site after the development and designing. Web hosting is the process of showcasing the websites on the internet. The server in the internet has unique ‘Internet Protocol’. The space should be rented for each of these websites. It is done by setting space in the Internet.

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