How to Create a Custom WooCommerce Cart Page (No Coding)

6 Killer Tips to Optimise Your Mobile Site Before the Holidays

If you have a mobile enabled web site and are looking for some quick and straightforward tips on how to optimise it – look no further! Here are 6 Killer tips on how to ensure your mobile site is converted to the best of its abilities and offering mobile users a pleasant web experience.

How to Convert PSD Into HTML Code for Websites

You have probably encountered difficulties with the display of PSD files on your website, yet this is a common issue of on line business owners who hire third parties to create logos, banners and other materials using Photoshop. The problem itself does not necessarily lie in Photoshop while creating those images, but in the fact that this popular software recognizes PSD files as source files of the images. Unfortunately, PSD is not compatible with web formats and this is the cause of all the trouble for those who publish PSD files on the web.

Custom Web Development Solutions for Everybody

If you haven’t noticed it yet, you soon will – website development takes a lot more than just putting up a fancy site and waiting for the users to come and click Buy. Users are smart and they want it all and they are impatient to get it.

Future of PSD to WordPress Conversion

What is the future of PSD to WordPress conversion? Well, it’s really very tough to predict future of this type of conversion. In this article, we have tried to predict the future of converting SPD to WordPress strictly based on market trends.

Understanding the Need for Clean PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion is the important step towards development of a website. This article is framed for understanding the needs for clean PSD to HTML conversion in brief.

Benefits of CSS Over PSD to HTML Conversion for Table-Based Layout

What are the benefits of using CSS over PSD to HTML conversion for table-based layout? This article is covering different advantages of including CSS style script over converting PSD to HTML.

Mapping Importance of Compliance and Compatibility in PSD to HTML Conversion

  Unfortunately, the world of PSD to HTML is filled with lots of dangerous deadfalls. By mapping importance of Compliance and Compatibility, it has been outlined that both are the two most pre-requisite elements of high-quality and pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion. We all know that web browser is the only platform by which one can access to the web.

Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

In the context of PSD to HTML conversion, it is really difficult to choose which is better – human coding and automated software coding because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article is framed to make comparison between hand-coding vs automated coding for pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion.

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