How To Disable Comments On WordPress 2022 [THE EASY WAY]

Mobile Websites: How to Design Good Ones

More and more people are reading their favourite websites on mobile phones, so it is essential that as a webmaster, blogger, or internet marketer, you optimise your website, or existing website for mobiles. Before you can do this, you need a few tips to designing a better mobile optimised website.

Why Content Is So Important for Any Website

Ask any successful internet business owner, and they will all tell you content is King. In fact, content forms the very foundation of any and all websites. People turn to the internet when they searching for information, or when they trying to find solutions for their problems, and for this reason, the content on your site needs to powerful and compelling.

Why You Need a Great Website

The days of people looking through the phonebook to find a service or product in your area are gone. As more and more people get broadband at home they are using Google or to a lesser extent Yahoo search engines to find what they want. If you do not have a good website that shows up at the very least on page 2 of search results, then they will find your competitor who has invested in a website. Its all about marketing online these days.

Creation of a Sitemap

A sitemap is very much identical to the index page or the table of content page that is present in the textbooks. It gives the information for various sources by having links to the web pages. It acts a guide for the users to navigate easily. The sitemap is also a place where the search engines also search for particular keywords or phrases. If there is a sitemap then the chance for appearing in the search engine is more. Creation of sitemap is much easier than before. There need not be any masters for creating sitemap. The basic things are notepad and some basic knowledge in programming.

Five Website Trends to Watch in 2011

If you’re like many small businesses, you try to keep up with technology and follow the latest new “trends”, especially when it makes sense for your business to do so. But – how do you know which online “trends” are only fads, and which ones are actually useful for business? Although the answers may vary depending on whom you ask, here are a few stand-out online trends that we think are worth watching – or implementing – in 2011:

Dedicated Web Developer Vs Freelancer – Who Is Better?

Who is better – Dedicated web developer or Freelancer. This article is framed to conduct a comparison between the dedicated web developer vs freelancer. By this hard-boiled comparison, we simply aimed to highlight pros and cons of both individually.

Convert PSD to Joomla Theme and Template for Complete Web Development Support

Converting PSD to Joomla theme/ template is the right way to experience power of Joomla with complete web development support. This article has been framed to understand need of PSD to Joomla conversion.

Building Your Profitable Website

While developing your own website there are a few things to think about. If you know zilch regarding web design don’t stress. There are several wonderful resources for total internet novices to simply create brilliant looking website pages that are fitted with all of the bells and whistles that the internet sites you surf now boast.

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