How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress 2021 [The Easy Way]

HTML to Joomla

Points to Ponder: 1. Joomla CMS 2. Need for HTML to Joomla template 3. Features of Joomla conversion. Joomla CMS is a popular content management system and a free of cost open source. Its user management and admin management features makes adding and editing web pages effortless. The ease to create and edit menus, changing the look of the website and creating and categorising contents is remarkable, which makes it the second most used CMS over the internet.

Where are the Website Visitors?

Picture this… You have a new Website, and you are waiting for the orders to come rolling in. After a few months, you are looking rather despondent. After six months, you are looking definitely jaded. But there are still no orders. The Website gets only the occasional visitor. This, after all the expense of hiring a graphics artist and having a Website designer create the most delightful website. You are back to placing expensive advertisements in the local newspaper – knowing that the return will be negligible. It is of little consolation knowing that you are in the same boat as 60% of all website owners.

Organic Rankings and Site Speed

There are over 200 quality factors used in determining how to rank the result of a search. One of these factors is the time it takes to download a Web page. Slow page load times will cause the Ranking for a Keyword to be downgraded by the Search Engines. Slow load times may also cause a Web page to timeout and be excluded from the Search Engine index.

Tips For Choosing The Best Web Development Company For Your Needs

Whilst the look and feel of your website is an important part of its creation, the essential work that gets it off the ground occurs behind the scenes. This is known as web development, and it is imperative to ensure that you have the best possible team behind you if you are aiming to succeed in the online world. Use the following tips to ensure that you are making the best choice:

How to Change the Design of Your WordPress Blog

You know that you have to write great content on your WordPress blog to be successful. Plus you have discovered all the SEO tips to get you on the first page of Google. But, you want more!

Answering “How Do You Make A Website?”

This serves as a basic guide on creating a website. Best for beginners!

Are You Wondering: “How Do I Create a Website With WordPress?”

This article is a basic guide for creating a WordPress site. Best for beginners!

Reasons to Use WordPress for Website Development

This article provides a guide for beginners on website development using WordPress. Best for beginners!

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