How To Embed A PDF In WordPress Without Using A Plugin

Website Usability – How to Keep Your Users

I bet it was not once that you opened a certain webpage and were not quite sure what has happened and what you need to do, click, or find to reach that piece of information you expected to find on the webpage. Chances are that the problem was not your poor website navigation skills, but poor usability of the website, and trust me on this, you don’t want your website visitors find themselves in that wondering state of being. You’ve done all you could to optimize search engine visibility of your website, you invested in website development, and now lose visitors simply because your website is not as comfy as those of your competitors? Well, this does not sound like a good situation to find yourself in, but here are several basic advices that should help you avoid, or fix, this situation.

Tips on How to Be a Great Website Developer

Being great in your chosen field of endeavour is usually going to take a lot of hard work and practise. Most “overnight” successes will tell you that they had been working at making themselves successful for years prior to their breakthrough. The most common element in those that are really successful is that they were doing something that they absolutely loved doing.

Top 10 Features Of Joomla

Joomla is the most popular content management system on the web. A lot of websites are built on Joomla & more are being built every day. There are some great features of Joomla which made this popular among web developers. I am going to describe top 10 features briefly.

Create Your Own Website Online

Create your own website online doesn’t have to be as hard as most would have you believe! However there is a bit of a learning gap. Here you will find not only steps to create a website that gets targeted traffic, but how to monetize that traffic once it’s there.

Discussing the Elements of an Accurate and Efficient Web Development Plan

Agility of web development services depends on various vital factors. The major and foremost goal of web development is to offer a complete automation and integration of various components. Your business means a lot to you and thus experts in the domain suggest creating a web development plan with clear understanding of business dynamics of the applications.

Understand CSS and Why It’s Good to Use It

If you’re new to creating, designing, and building websites, you’re trying to understand what CSS is (i.e. Cascading Style Sheets) and why it’s so important. To begin, you’ll need to think of the html of your website more as the framework, like the layout of a building.

Creating a Wireframe Is a Job of an Expert Web Developer

One must not under weigh the value of wireframes because it lays down the basis for website creation. It is not easy for you to keep up everything in your mind and then start working on the website. A wireframe ensures right approach and a procedure to follow that make sure early and successful wrap up.

How to Find a Good IT Outsourcing Company

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and this comes as no surprise as outsourcing has proved itself a great money saving strategy. Of course, choosing the right provider is key to successful outsourcing. There are plenty of outsourcing companies offering their services. Some are good, some are not quite, but how do you find a “perfect” outsourcer? Well, there is probably no such thing as “perfect” in this world, but here are several advices that will help you choose the right outsourcer.

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