Why Should You Install Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin In WordPress (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

The Difference Between a Web Designer and a Web Developer

So, you have an idea of a website, but are wondering who you need to hire to get the job done, a web designer or a web developer. Usually you need a combination of both, but still, knowing what each provides will help you better determine who is best to do the job for the website you have in mind. The two are very different things, both visually as well as technically.

Important Things You Should Consider When Converting PSD to HTML

PSD to HTML conversion is an important step when it comes to style PSD files with high quality HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups. In this article, we are going to learn some important things one should keep in mind when converting PSD to HTML.

New Google Analytics Version – Using Analytics for Your Website

Recently announced and launched into Beta was the new version of Google Analytics. According to Google, the aim of this new version is ‘to make it easier and faster to get to the data you want and to enhance the Google Analytics platform to bring you major new functionality’. The release marks the most significant change to Analytics in over a year and brings with it some cool new features.

Understanding Web Development And Website Optimisation

This is the science behind websites. Whilst people think of it as the design of a website it is actually the science behind the coding and programming of a website rather than the actual front end design. It involves using HTML code (That sits behind every website in general) to be optimised to ensure that the webpage ranks the highest it can be in the search engine rankings.

Web Application Development Planning for Business Growth

The internet has come a long way from its beginning and this becomes especially clear when looking at the matter of web application development. The internet is not only used for social purposes but also for economical ones putting means of globalization into action and connecting businesses around the world. So what exactly does web application development mean?

Exploring Drupal Developer Toolbox for PSD to Drupal Conversion

Have you ever wonder what are those important resources that that Drupal developers use when working with Drupal-powered websites. Here, we are going to explore Drupal Developer’s Toolbox for PSD to Drupal conversion.

Some of the Most Constructive Mobile Applications

Facilitating the visitor has been the key to remain ahead in any business, especially e-commerce and internet marketing. The number of people accessing the internet through the iPhone is increasing with leaps and bounds.

Some iPhone Applications That Can Make Your Life Better

The sale of iPhones and its applications are on a steep rise. The iPhone apps not only add extraordinary features to your iPhone device and make it smart but also facilitate your life with a range of facilities.

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