How to Easily Track 404 Pages and Redirect Them in WordPress

5 Web Analytics to Focus On

The intensity of competition in the practice of online business makes it mandatory to have a means to track the various metrics by which its success is measured. The sheer number of websites is quite overwhelming and the constant change in the parameters by which the search engines operate with regards to the ranking and site optimization necessitates a clear understanding of web analytics by the small business owner. Web analytics is actually the means by which the usage of the internet is measured, understood and optimized.

Website Development Tips – Great Information to Help You Develop A Great Website

Website Development is the side of website design that deals with coding the site and developing the applications that run on it. In today’s connected online world website development is becoming more important than website design as businesses try to find applications that will attract users to their site and keep them coming back again and again. It also helps companies organize the applications that are on a website to allow easier access to information for their clients.

Constructing a Good Website

Most people would love to go global since it is said with the introduction of the internet, the world has become a global village where people can be able to communicate with each other and trade comfortably. This implies that you might be thinking of using the internet and its resources. Then you have to design a website for the process and in order to do that first ask yourself the following questions.

Microsoft CRM – Not the Complete Package

Microsoft Dynamic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a Microsoft offering for sales and marketing offices as well as for help desks. Basically the software has been designed on.NET technology and forms a part of the Microsoft Dynamics Family.

Web Application Development

While surfing the web have you ever wondered how the website in front of you functions? How do sites like Facebook, BBC iPlayer and eBay, all of which are well known web applications, actually work? The web application development process is complex and highly specialised.

Software Development Plan

A software development plan is the systematic structure used to denote how the software that needs to be developed will come about. Though life cycle is a generic term, software development plan specifies the real motto. Software today is being used for various reasons like for clients, businesses or for your own personal use.

SEO Services: Web Development – The Key Is Usability

Usability, in terms of Web Development is all about providing a service that is simple to understand and use. A powerful similarity that crosses many different sectors is that of simplicity. Whether you dealing with web design, programming, copywriting or site architecture, the art of keeping it all simple is vital.

Flash Makes Your Site Heavy – Why and Where to Use It?

Flash is great tool to deliver your message to the end users in a more effective way. Everything have positive and negative aspects. Most of the web designers thinks that flash should not be used in their website because it makes their website heavy. We will explore in detail both positive and negative aspects of using flash as a tool to deliver message to end users and discuss its effectiveness.

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