Shoppable Instagram Images? Plus Create Your Own Paywall, And More.

The Basics Of Web Development

Understanding web development is no easy task but often, it is OK to skip the details and instead come to grips with just the basics. Web developers take years to develop their talent (no pun intended) and you, yourself may never quite get there so instead don’t set the bar too high; just focus on the basics because a little can go a long way.

What Does a Website Monitor Really Do and Why Do You Need One?

Most website owners and operators are familiar with the fact that website monitoring services are available to them, but some may not understand what these services actually do and why they are so crucial to your website uptime. To understand the importance of website monitoring, you must first understand what this service is.

Advice on Freelance Web Development

Well, hopefully this set of tips may be able to help you avoid some of the mistakes that many freelancers make. Hopefully it would be able to make you a successful self-employed freelance graphic or web designer. So good luck in the world of freelancers.

The Advantageous PSD to HTML Conversion

The exponential growth of online businesses and other web portals, have stirred the online enthusiasts to develop robust and interactive websites for the users. The designers and developers are in constant search of techniques that can further enhance the overall functionality and appearance of the websites.

Advantages Of WordPress Integration

Pace and simplicity are two things for which WordPress has become so popular. With the usage of internet becoming a necessity, online visibility has become one of the prerequisites for a successful business. For small business enterprise, WordPress is an effective tool to create websites.

A Soon to Be Reality in Cars: Mobile Technology

While cars worldwide are plagued with distracted driving, car manufacturers are trying to find a solution. Without having a million public service announcements, and having new laws that prohibit dangerous driving, car manufacturers are taking this matter into their own hands. In an effort to make vehicles more safe and user friendly, mobile technology is being developed. Drivers will not have to wait very long to get this new technology. Within only a couple of years, consumers will begin to see cars with certain mobile features and GSMA expects that by the year 2025, nearly every vehicle will be fully equipped with mobile technology. The following 4 are types of mobile technology that automakers and GSMA expect to see built into all vehicles during the coming few years.

Why You Should Consider a Responsive Website

You’ve probably heard the term “responsive” being thrown around recently in the context of web design. Responsive sites are the latest evolutionary step in web presentation, and there are good reasons why the web is heading in that direction. With the advent of mobile computing and people using tablets and phones to surf the web, your site is likely being accessed by visitors who are using a variety of screen sizes.

How to Create Your Own Joomla Website?

A person does really need his or her own website today. Celebrities cannot be without a website. There are a number of uses of a website out there, for small business, for making money online, or for showcasing your talent.

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