WordPress 6.0 Just Dropped And It Has Over 500 Enhancements!

Advantages and Disadvantages of JQuery

Recently I experimented with a jQuery event calendar on our Booking System. Our previous version uses ASP.NET to build the booking chart as a whole on the server and then renders the lot to the browser. It was a bit slow and clunky, but worked.

Why Use 3D Animation to Promote a Business?

Attracting customers to a business, or even retaining existing ones can be extremely tricky in our current highly competitive landscape. 3D animation and 3D modeling can play an important role. 3D animation could be the key to bringing in customers.

Using Flash Animation As a Webpage Component

Incorporating Flash animation into a site is an extremely good idea from a promotional point of view – as long as you do it correctly. Flash allows you to incorporate motion, audio and interactivity easily and effectively into your web site with little or no change to the existing site.

Why Choose to Use WordPress When Building Your Next Website?

Building a website can start off as a hobby and sometimes turn into a full time job, exceeding every other job you have ever had. If you are on this path, then you will want to start using WordPress for all your website building needs. Do not make the mistake of messing around with other Website creation tools and content managers when I can tell you right now that you will end up using WordPress anyway.

Know Your Target When Working With a Website Development Professional

The emergence of websites and the ready availability of the internet have resulted in another field for competition. Website and webpage creators are also competing for popularity, ranking and the number of visitors that they will rake in a day. With this kind of game it is best to have an advantage and to actually know the game that you are playing when working with a website development professional.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Web Development

There are advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your company’s web development. This article aims to touch upon the key issues.

Use Flex Development Platform to Develop Animated Games

Does the title sound surprising to you, if yes then I am sure you might have not heard of developing animated flash games using Flex development platform. Flex as some might know is a platform which helps develop user interactive web applications. The same platform can also be used to develop games providing a thrilling experience to the gamers. Here we will let you know how you can do that.

Customize Your Messages to Win More Projects!

Do you want to have higher rate of winning a bid in a freelance auction site like VWorker, Freelancer or Scriptlance? Most bidders use canned or premade messages to win jobs without making even a slight effort of editing their bid messages. Do you know that even a slight tweaking of your messages like mentioning some keywords from the Bid Request or Description could make a whole new world of difference?

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