How to Get the URL of Images You Upload in WordPress

Joomla 3.3 VS Joomla 3.4

Joomla is the favorite of all the developers owing to its extensive features. As the features get updated they are released for public usage as the more supportive version. Presently, the supportive version is 3.4.

Important Software Performance Testing That Ensure High Quality Solutions

IT professionals or software developers may have different opinions regarding software development principles, but one thing that most of them agree with is that the software delivered must be reliable and accurate. Professional companies developing solutions have recognized that effective testing is essential to meet the objectives and goals. Software performance testing has been one of the core technical activities that are performed to improve the quality of software.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Web Development Company?

Internet presence is imminent these days and so to stay ahead of the prevailing competition, you need to hire a professional website development company. You may want to design the website in-house, but the professionalism with which website development needs to be handled, can only be provided by a company that excels in web development services. Here are some other reasons that underline the necessity of hiring a professional website development company: Strategy development according to the business: Professional web development services formulate strategies that work best for your niche of business.

How Sitefinity Can Help Marketers to Increase Customer Loyalty

Your website is the face of your business and the popularity of it depends on various factors like the overall design and layout, the placement of call to actions, the color of the page and many more. But the most important thing is that, your site also needs awesome content to keep the visitors well informed about the products and services that you offer.

The 10 Outstanding Free PHP Frameworks OF 2015

The article throws light on the specific aspects of different frameworks that runs on PHP programming language. The development process is indeed much faster, easier and fun with PHP language.

A Non-Technical Introduction To PHP For Budding Web Developers

As the title of the article suggests, the main goal of this article is to make ‘want to be’ web developers aware of the immense potential and beauty of PHP – the most widely used language for website development. By using PHP, you can create beautiful, well-structured and manageable websites that can interact with its users and are therefore dynamic in nature. The ability to change content of the website, which is primary requirement for almost all websites that are created nowadays, is also a kid’s play for a PHP powered website.

Why One Should Opt for PHP Website Development?

The last few years have witnessed significant increase in the popularity of PHP website development services. This has happened due to the wide array of benefits the programming language offers.

Things to Take Care Of While Designing a Multilingual Website

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, that has created a wide range of smartphone devices and tablets bringing the world closer to each other. Today, the people of the US can very easily get in touch with someone in Asia and this easy communication has greatly influenced business owners of various countries. In fact the geological limitations have reduced, making your site widely accessible to customers in various countries. This helps to build the brand and increase revenues considerably.

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