How To Install Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin In WordPress (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How To Become A Zend Certified Engineer Through PHP 5.3 Certification

I have used PHP in my personal projects for some time, and even made a few useful utilities that serve niche purposes within the context of the main focus of my business: search engine optimization. I stumbled across Zend’s certification test for PHP 5.3 when looking for certifications in any of the major languages.

Javascript Ready to Be a Viable Alternative to Flash for Website Development

Replacing Flash with standard web technologies like Javascript to create complex visual effects for websites – like animations, transitions and reflections – means that content is accessible to site visitors independently of their choice of operating system, browser or device, whilst still providing the required functionality and interactivity. Advances in standards-based web technologies such as Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, means that web designers can start taking advantage of a work-everywhere alternative to Flash for website design and development.

Ranking of Apps by Google and Apple – Change in Ranking Algorithm

If you are a mobile application developer, develop Android applications and/or iPhone applications, and want those applications to rank high on the Android Market or iOS App Store respectively, then it is not only the number of downloads but also the active user’s number that is going to be taken into consideration. The changes to the App Store seem to have taken place recently.

Highly Recommended FTP Clients Used In Web Development Spectrum

A number of FTP clients are available in the market that helps developer during file transfer from one host machine to other. While choosing one, you must go through the client specifications and your particular requirements to get the best out of it.

Building An Informed Africa: A Time to Act

“Information technology has created avenues for development which are not affected by distance or geography. Africa rise and show the world that you are worth it. Speak out loud AFRICA, silence is betrayal.”In any set-up the most informed individuals remain the most dominant and powerful over their counter parts. Being more informed gives them a mandate to dictate terms to the less informed, to the extent of undermining their abilities in all aspects of life. That’s where Africa today is pegged, we have been called third world countries, underdeveloped and we appreciate that naming. Would not there be anything superior coming from Africa and telling the world that we are equal.

Five Tips to Creating a Great Website

When creating your website you want it to stand out and have your clients remember it. You want it to be easy to use and importantly you need it to entice clients to come back and revisit it. When setting it up you need to think about all aspects of it, including possible domain names, design colours, number of pages, formats, written content and whether clients can purchase your products online.

Fancies About Web Development Companies

The advent of the internet in our lives has made the entire world one single global family. In every sphere of our lives we find the influence of technology. All businesses face some amount of competition in their respective fields, the thing that helps them to overcome that is the usage of these technologies.

Why You Should Get Your Corporate Website Developed By A Reputable Provider Of IT Solutions

Are you planning to get a website designed to showcase your business? Then you should definitely get in touch with a provider of IT solutions right away. Did you think that these people only took care of problems related to hardware, networking and software products?

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