How To Install WordPress Manually On cPanel (Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners)


Nokia Applies Silverlight Technology in Mobile Phones

Nokia has just announced their plan to use Microsoft Silverlight technology for the S60 phones based on Symbian Operating System of this company. Besides S60, mobile devices in series 40 and Nokia Internet Tablets will also be integrated with Microsoft Silverlight.

Should I Add a Survey on My Website?

A website visitors survey will provide you a lot of useful feedback. Learn how to improve your website by using a survey.

Creating a Profitable Web Business From Home

Many of us are attracted to the idea of working from home and a web business is one of the easiest ways to do so. Generating an income off a web business can be difficult, but not impossible. The nice thing about a web business is you are a virtual enterprise. You can work from the comfort of your own home, but still be a lucrative business.

Magento – Our Future of E-Commerce

Magento inherits an outstanding feature of the open source about shopping carts such as Zen-cart osCommerce, combines with the outstanding features of the Web 2.0 platform. Therefore, according to experts’ prediction, Magento is the future of E-commerce era.

Java Vs .Net

If you are wondering which language you should choose, I suggest you should select both languages. Java and.Net language are important languages at present and in the future.

Why the Outsourcing Web Development Industry Is Booming

Web development industry has seen a recent boom in the last few years because almost every business, whether small, big or medium sized, needs to have a website in today’s competitive world, keeping in view that almost every person refers to Internet for whatever they are looking for. Nowadays more and more number of IT companies is outsourcing their website development services to developing countries like India.

Make the Most of Your Web Design Budget

Looking to save money on website design? Here’s some advice on asking the right questions before choosing a web designer.

How to Build My Own Website

People today are getting more and more into earning the money online, but a very few know the exact way to start. If you are one of such people, put down all your qualms as we are going to help you out. If you want to earn the money online, the first thing you need is a good website, and as we all know hiring a web designer is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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