How to Make a Website for Your Instagram (Grow Your Gram!) | Step-By-Step with WordPress!

Website Development for Beginners

So now, you’ve decided that you want something that you can look back to and say to others, “hey! that’s my work, that’s what i did n number of years ago and now its reaping the profits” You want something that you can feel proud of! Yes. And that’s what everyone wants. As stated in the title, this is an article for beginners but feel free to read it. If there is one thing at the end of the article that you can take away, then I’ve succeeded.

How to Create Your Own Website – Make a Website Yourself With These Helpful Tips

If you’ve decided to make a website, it’s important that you create a quality website that will be rewarding. A good website is a great way to earn money, share a passion that you have, or to advertise your company. Of course, if you have a bad website, it will only waste your money and time.

How To Build Your Own Website – Some Simple Tips

If you want to make your own website, you are not alone. Making one’s own website has really been on the rise in the last decade or more since the Internet has found its way into more and more homes in both the U.S. and around the planet.

Some Interesting Facts About PHP Development

PHP is among the most rewarding coding languages one will ever work with. Give that the inconsistencies in the function names can get a little frustrating, yet making effective use of PHP development is a very enjoyable experience for any developer. Before you start using this tool on a frequent basis, let’s make sure that you have some of these interesting facts in place:- An Introduction Originally standing for Personal Home Page, it is now officially known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’.

How Responsive Web Design Impacts WordPress Themes

The breakthrough technology by which the html layout of a webpage automatically fits to the width and height of any screen device is called Responsive Web Design. Furthermore, the layout can be made to flow seamlessly on any device, with the help of the CSS written for that particular device. From a technical point of view, the html that is generated remains the same for all kinds of devices. It is the CSS that plays an all-important role in managing each device.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using WordPress As a CMS

CMS, SEO, HTML… Website development is full of confusing and often obscure acronyms and terms. It’s difficult enough for those who dabble in website development; imagine the confusion for those people who simply want a website to market their business’ services and products? And that’s one of the reasons why using WordPress as a CMS or content management system makes sense.

What Are The Best Ways To Build Quality Website Links For Free?

It is perhaps a cliche as well as a well-known fact that the internet is the most used medium of interaction in any setting, whatsoever. However, its importance as well as the wonder associated with it cannot be denied because of the hundreds of thousands of websites about businesses. It allows us cater to any sort of interests, as they can easily be accessed through it.

Why WordPress 2012 Will Cut The Competition To Pieces

WordPress is now the leader in CMS (Content Management System). But there is something about WordPress that makes it look like it’s stuck in the late 90s in terms of technical features – it lacks the feature of a 4th generation programming language. This means that if you want to design your own theme layout, for example, you have to know HTML and PHP in order to create or customize one.

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