How to Make a Wedding Website with WordPress | Step-by-Step 2020

How to Make a Website Truly Successful

There are tons of websites that are housed on the Internet. Many of the websites on the Internet share the same topic or theme that often times creates competition among those websites.

How to Make a Website an Extension of Your Business

With the rising cost of gas, more and more people are staying home and using the Internet to do their shopping. Businesses that have a website that features their goods and services have an advantage over businesses that do not.

Checklist for Starting Your First Business

A lot goes into building a new business. With all the things that need to be taken care of, it is important to prioritize certain decisions and actions to ensure a strong foundation for your business in the long run.

2012 Web Trends

Each year new trends emerge and each year some trends go away. This is the natural cycle of things. Staying on top of, or, at the very least, with the trends can help you, as a web developer or designer, produce creations that are current, that your clients will love, and that are always relevant.

5 Great Tips to Improve Your Website Download Speed

This article will discuss tips for improving website download speed. It will also discuss the significance of download speed.

Shared Hosting And Its Drawbacks

Even though a user will have to share a server with countless of other websites in a server, they do not mind about it and choose to opt for this kind of hosting. I am referring to the shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting used by webmasters out there today. The obvious advantage that someone could get by using a shared hosting service would be the cheap hosting cost. The huge amount of users using this kind of hosting does not mean that it is the best though. In fact, there are many drawbacks that you will have to suffer when you use shared hosting. Therefore, you need to assess your needs before you decide on the type of hosting that you should go for.

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting: Why Is Windows More Expensive?

There are two major systems to run your web hosting nowadays. Two of the leading system out there today is the Windows and the Linux. When it comes to the cost, the Linux is an affordable option for users out there. But cost alone is not enough for us to say that you should choose it for your web hosting. There are plenty of things that you can compare about these two systems.

How to Find the Right Company to Covert Your Design to HTML Markup

As a graphic designer you need a reliable company to convert your beautiful designs to HTML markup. However, there are so many of them, how do you choose the right one?

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