How to Organize or Reorder WordPress Pages with Drag and Drop

4 Must-Know Tips for Basic Website Planning

Here are four must-know factors for anybody who is starting out with planning their website. Keep these tips in mind when creating your website, and you’re already on the right path to success.

Why an Outdated Website Is Worse Than No Website

Besides creating a global village, the information super highway or the internet has also revved up the pace at which all human activities are carried out today. So much so, that the shelf life of any kind of information is drastically reduced in today’s world.

Choosing A Web Development Company Through References

Finding a web development company to create a website for you may seem daunting, but it isn’t. It’s all in the references and prior work that these companies have done!

Choosing A Web Development Company – Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing a web development company can be a daunting task even if you are well-versed with how the internet works. For those of you that are not very familiar with the web itself, much less details such as different browsers used for web surfing, search engine optimization, and the like, you may be tempted to choose the very first web development company you come cross.

Planning A Successful Website

The simple days of building a website like a Field of Dreams and hope they come… those days are long over. A successful website strategy must involve a marketing plan both on and offline. Long after a nice designed site is schemed, the real work begins. How do you get people on the site? How do they find you? How do you keep them coming back? How, how, how?

Hiring A Web Development Company Vs Doing It Yourself

Hiring a web development company to create a website for you may seem like a complete waste of money. After all, they can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars! You could easily learn how to create a basic website, then throw on some pretty graphics, text, and photos to lure in people – correct? It’s something any junior high kid can do, so why not you?

Joomla Web Development – Why It’s the Top CMS Choice

Content management systems can help you build a website and then continue to manage the content on the site once it is built. WordPress has been a popular choice due to its’ ease of use. It is open source software (free to download and install on your server) for developing web sites just as Joomla, but lacks Joomla’s complex features. The complex features enable one to create more complex websites for any type of industry. WordPress is more suited for blogs and websites that simply publish readable information. Since Joomla doesn’t require programming knowledge to use, many beginners utilize it to develop websites. Most hosting companies offer a free installation of Joomla utilizing a script inside your hosting account. Joomla installs quickly and is fast and secure. Since Joomla has an abundance of complex features it is considered an advanced content management system and does have more of a learning curve than WordPress.

Facts to Know About Efficient E-Commerce Solutions to Increase Online Sales

When choosing online business solutions provider, make sure to find out professional and expert provider to get the best value for your money. The service package you choose should include all the essential aspects.

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