How To Schedule A WordPress Post (Step By Step Tutorial)

What A Web Development Company Should Focus On

If you look just two years back, you would not have seen so many internet related or design and development company. Now if you try to search for someone who will develop your virtual real-estate… it will overwhelm you.

5 Things To Avoid When Searching for a Website Marketing Consultant

We all try to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives in our lives. Just think! If we eliminate ALL negatives, then there will only be positives left! Anyway, from time to time we have to pay attention to what to refrain from doing, on what to avoid, in order to avoid or reduce the negatives…

How to Upgrade WordPress Manually or Automatically

There are many reasons you want to keep your WordPress blog up to date. Most importantly are security issues. Keeping your WordPress installation up to date will ensure that you have plugged up the latest security holes in your blog.

Effective Tips on Website Development

Developing a website is not as simple as one things it to be. It constitutes lots of detailed planning and its implementation, without which a website will never be totally complete. Certain tips are thus needed to be check listed by the website designer and developer to make the website as a whole a success.

Make Your Own Websites

The common misconception is that to make your own websites is difficult, after all you need to learn HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and know about graphics and page design… blah blah! The simple fact is you don’t. Making your own website has never been easier, whether you are a company looking to make your brand stand out on the web, a family who just want to share stories, or like me… an internet marketer, the process is the same. There are the old fashion way such as using Dreamweaver which has a WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, which basically means that you can write your text in MS Word and then copy and post into Dreamweaver) or front page to write HTML which is basic HTML writer.

Multiple Browser Compatible PSD-To-XHTML Conversion at Top Priority

Now-a-days, the multiple browser compatible PSD-to-XHTML conversion is at the top most priority in the web development industry. The cross browser compatibility and W3C standard validation are the prime need of the extremely ultra next generation. Therefore, it is necessary that a web portal runs efficiently on all the browsers and different operating systems without any image distraction for proper functionality and usability.

A Tutorial on How to Convert PSD to Joomla Template

How to convert PSD to Joomla template efficiently to build a visually appealing and unique web portal? In this article, a complete tutorial on PSD-to-Joomla conversion has been discussed in brief.

Convert PSD-To-WordPress for Custom WordPress Blog Theme Customization

Converting PSD-to-WordPress theme/template for custom WordPress blog theme customization is a basic necessity of the day. In this article, the role of PSD-to-WordPress conversion in the blog theme customization has been highlighted in brief.

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