How To See Old Versions Of Websites (3 Different Tools)

Having a Website – Having Benefits

A website can bring multiple benefits. What are they exactly? Why it is a smart decision to build a website? Find the answers in this article.

Website Vs Facebook Page – Which Is First?

What is more convenient to create a website or Facebook page? What are the advantages of having both?

Why Older Versions of Internet Explorer Need to Die

I’m sure that the majority of developers will agree with me when I say that one of the most frustrating things about developing a website is cross browser testing. Any developer worth their salt will fine tune the website they’re developing to look near perfect in any browser and I can tell you that from my own experience, this can take time.

Why People Haggle With Web Designers Over Prices?

If you are a designer or a company rendering design services, there is a fair chance you would have come across clients who try to bargain even after the price is already quoted in your website. After a moment of time, even designers start getting the idea that instead of skill, they are dealing in some item from a flea market. The question about haggling prospective clients always haunts a designer. So, let try to answer why that happens;

The Benefits of WordPress Blog Hosting

A lot of blogs get published over the internet every day. You will come across marketing blogs, educational blogs, recreational blogs and several kinds of other blogs. Each category of blogs attracts readers from diverse backgrounds. The scope of the blogosphere is broad and unrestricted, though there are certain limitations that every blogger is obliged to comply with.

How Website Builders Work

In the past decade, the mode of business has shifted tremendously from shops, showrooms and stores to the online world. While existing businesses are looking to expand their work by creating their business’ website, more and more new businesses are making their mark straight from a website. In short, the demand for website building has increased greatly over all these years and it’s only going to increase from here.

Twitter Bootstrap In Joomla Templates

This year, the production leadership team for Joomla decided to add the Twitter Bootstrap to the core of Joomla 3.0. It will allow the webmaster with a free collection of tools for creating web applications and site designing. Every template is coded in HTML and CSS based fonts, typography, charts, navigation, buttons, other interface components and extended JavaScript extensions.

CakePHP – What’s Cooking?

The astonishing world of CakePHP is known for continuously advancing its stature and reassuring its presence. Its virtues come across strongly with its definitive updates. The CakePHP team makes it much clear that the prolific platform is going to continue its winning spree with ever scalable definitions and resourceful ventures.

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