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Why Use Different Types of Media For Your Website?

Here we will look at the different types of media available and the impact which they can have both on the traffic to your website as well as the potential SEO benefits which each can bring. First your articles. Articles can be a great way of “filling” a website up.

Best Software to Build a Website

Which is the best software to build a website? There a many different packages available for this but some are expensive and you do not want to invest if it is not the one for you.

How to Start Your Own Website and Sell Your Products Online

The advent of internet has changed the way people look at things. The very common matter being discussed by people is the site you will be making that will cater your business or personal need. Getting to the internet world is very important to the accomplishment of global market for the competition purposes.

Planning Your Website Content For a Powerful Internal Linking Structure

Your website content is the key to getting your visitors to do something useful, like convincing them to buy one of your products, opt-in to your email list, or read another page on your website. One of the least useful actions a visitor can take on your site is to hit the back button and go back to what they were doing.

Integration of WordPress With WordPress bbPress

bbPress is a powerful and fully featured forum software that can be integrated with blogging tools like WordPress. A first glance at the software, gives the impression that it is simple and devoid of any complicated structure, but one has to use it in order, to believe that it is a very powerful tool.

How to Build a Website That Ranks!

The age of the Internet brought to light an entire new generation of entrepreneurs. It has made millionaires out of its original pioneers and has reserved a spot of opportunity for those with the will to learn and the dedication to advertise. It is an opportunity that is unbiased to race, age and sex. It is for this reason that many have gotten involved in the Internet.

The Power of AJAX and How to Use it

Since its conception in 2005, AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) has changed the web world as we know it today. It’s helped websites evolve into RIAs (rich internet applications) by allowing webpages to make direct requests to a web server without reloading the page. This capability is vital in replicating the rich user experiences achieved in client applications. The purpose of this post is to help newcomers understand the different ways that AJAX can be used to create RIAs.

Starting Your Own Website – The First Steps

Get off on the right foot starting your own website with this clear and concise guide on how to begin. Finding a niche, buying a domain name and finding web hosting are all covered…

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