How to Setup WooCommerce Conversion Tracking (Step by Step)

Building A Great Website The Right Way

Building a great website right the first time means that you’ll get lots of traffic not just now, but also in the future. Many people have found out the hard way that cutting corners means that they are cut out of getting traffic. The goal for you should be to create something of worth that will garner you money now, and for years to come.

Cloud Computing – The Latest and Greatest Innovation

There are buzzwords going around online, and it has to do with cloud computing. Even though the idea is relatively new online, people have been working on developing this type of technology for many years now, and it’s starting to come to the web with high speed.

How To Hire PHP Developer For Your Website

PHP is the most prominent web development language that is used to build a modern day website. But, you need to know who will come well before you hire PHP developer.

5 Factors To Consider When Planning A Website

Companies who launched websites several years ago may be considering a website update or even a total re-design. Before you begin a website design or redesign consider these 5 factors and talk through all points with your web designer.

A Brief Guide to Creating Your Own Website

These days it seems like almost everyone has their own website, whether they’re the head of a business, a local celebrity or even just an avid blogger, the appeal of having your own site can be very enticing. So if you want to create your own website, where do you start?

Is Cloud Computing the Victim or the Suspect?

When cloud computing arrived at center stage back in the late 1990’s, it was the future. It was the invention of the microchip all over again. IT departments and CFO’s everywhere were breathing a sigh of relief. They saw the cloud as a means to ending budget overages, pesky support tickets and reducing hardware costs. As soon as the media got wind of this nifty cloud thingy, well, the cloud metaphors were more prolific than Captain America cosplayers at a Comic-on. In fact, one could even say the media was largely responsible for the cloud’s success.

The Near Future of Mobile Application Development

You don’t need to be a magician to realize that mobile applications, which are already popular, will become even more popular with further improvement of mobile devices. So the question is not whether there is a place for mobile applications in the future but what type of mobile applications will be most required and, consequently, what segment of this market will be most profitable for developers.

CMS or Framework? – Choosing the Right Solution

Many people, especially those who are not quite accomplished web developers, sometimes find themselves in a situation when they have to choose between CMSs and frameworks for their future web projects. First of all, the thing I am trying to explain here is not which one is a better option in general, but which one is more suitable in a certain situation, and what situation that would be. To be clearer, it’s a matter of purpose that should determine your choice between CMS and framework. You will not buy a tractor to go to your office, but you will not buy a car to cultivate a field. This does not mean a car is better than a tractor or vice versa, but this means that each one is more applicable in a particular situation. The same can be said about CMS and Framework.

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