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Going Online With Dick and Jane

Going Online was more than just an option for Dick and Jane, a married couple, homeowners and enthusiasts with a lot of ambition and varied interests. Dick needed a website to market his snowshoes and publish information about the hobby of crafting them. His hobby grew into more of a business.

Application Development Services for a Business Website

Web presence is very critical today for any business. Additionally, the advancement of ecommerce technologies has brought to the fore application development services that help sites accomplish much more for businesses than just give information or help market products. Web applications help websites accomplish specialised tasks that were once the domain of desktop applications.

Web Development – The Standards of Coding

Web development has gone through a major facelift since the last few years. It has transitioned from the semi-straightforward approach like HTML pages topped up with a bit of Flash and JavaScript to the more developed application-based designs using Ajax, Flex and Adobe AIR. It is similar to the changes that the software developers have been dealing with for years.

How to Get Started In the World of Website Development

Asp.Net is essentially one of the most appropriate web development languages available in the market of web development services. There is huge demand of IT organizations that provide offshore web development service.

Choosing ColdFusion Application Development

Technology changes quite rapidly in the world today, and there always seems to be some new form of development platform for web and mobile sites. However, some of the best applications are those that have been around for a while and that have weathered the changes in technology. ColdFusion application development is one of the most popular of the options that developers are using today, and with good reason.

Get These Free WordPress Themes That You Can Download For Free

If you are looking for free WordPress themes that you can instantly use, you don’t have to look farther. WordPress has already available free WordPress theme in its own directory. To give you several examples of WordPress themes, below are the most widely used featured themes.

Develop Your Website Through WordPress Theme and Design

WordPress is a web software otherwise known as Content Management System (CMS) that you can use to develop or build an excellent and attractive website or blog site. This web software is in fact free. You just need to look for its latest version and download it from the internet. But before downloading, you must check first your computer capacities.

Instantly Display Your Featured Articles in a WordPress Blog

Most search engines nowadays are right after fresh, unique and authoritative articles. And where do we get most of these articles? Yes, on the blog sites. Numerous blog sites today are competing not only for greater ranking but also to become the leading sites in search engine marketing. WordPress is one of those sites that have been proven to be authoritative in article publishing.

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