MailChimp Segments And How To Use Them

Easy Website Setup – Want to Setup a Website?

Are you ready to setup a website? Yes, it can be confusing if you never done it before. So you search the internet looking for help and here you are. So what now. Let’s begin with a domain name.

How To Make Your Own Website – 3 Shockingly Easy Steps To Create a Website For Free

In this day and age it is easier than ever to learn how to make your own website. In fact, it can be taught in a short article! Read the 3 shockingly easy steps to create a website for free right here…

Send Email Using PHPMailer and Gmail

Recently I had to send e-mail messages using PHPMailer and the GMail SMTP server for one of my clients. Based on my experience I have written this tutorial explaining how-to send messages via SMTP using the PHPMailer script and your GMail account.

How to Avoid Accidental Website Deletion and Save Your Online Business

Site owners should be aware of the risks involved in online business and prepare themselves for disaster management by saving website files on multiple locations. Your website can contain visitor submitted data, online orders, user subscriptions in the databases which require regular backups. In case of e-commerce websites this regular backup might lead to daily backup. For an average website the need of backup can be once or twice a month and depend on how frequently your website go through changes.

Use Website Translation to Take Your Company Global

Did you know that by implementing a website translation strategy you could increase your web presence exponentially? If you currently promote or sell your product on the Internet, it is likely you are only offering your website in a single language. The web is global, and in order to maximize your business you need to reach a wider market.

Making on Online Presence – I

This article discusses about how to start from scratch in order to make an online presence. It is a step to enlighten the non technical person about how to go online. It is a part of series named as Making on Online Presence.

JavaScript Made Easy: Start Enriching Your Gaming or Media Site

This year there has been a lot of fuzz surrounding the release of HTML 5. It does have nice features, but that’s not what this article is about. It will take some time until HTML 5 is a common standard. In the mean time a lot of gaming and media portals still have to face browser incompatibilities. Everybody would like to enrich their portal with cool features easily, this article is helping you in the right direction how.

Why PHP?

Every online business now days is trying to hamper their visitors with the best Interactive and Informative websites so that whenever they receive an online hit it is not gone wasted. PHP being the most reliable, affordable and consistent web development is the first choice of Developers.

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