Promoting Your YouTube Videos To An Email List (For Beginners)

Homestead, WordPress, Or Tumblr? Which One is Better For Creating Your Website?

Five years ago it was okay if you and your business didn’t have a website, but today if you don’t have a website you don’t have a business. If you’re not on Google then your business or personal brand doesn’t even exist. This is the shift that has happened in business and life, it doesn’t matter what you do or what you sell having a presence on internet has never been more important.

3 Cool Reasons Why Having a Website is Cooler Then a Having Blog

Everywhere you look it is: Blog this, blog that, blog, blog, blog. Everybody is talking about how great blogs are. Everybody has or wants a blog. But history has shown over and over again that to be successful you cannot do what everybody else it doing.

Six Tips That Will Change Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Tips serve their purpose but are of limited benefit, which is why it is better to offer methods. Making your action buttons bigger, cutting your copy in half or making the page ‘cleaner’ are all good points, but they do not apply to everyone equally.

Updated Websites Through Free Monitoring Services

A free service that monitors your website every 5 minutes. Instant email alerts, full uptime/downtime history with graphs and tables.

Having a Website Is Like a Relationship – In the First Few Months You Will Have Lots of Sex

Even though the first 3 months will probably be your busiest, they will also be the most fun. This is a time where everything is fresh and new.

How Much Money Will Your Website Make in the First Week?

You will be tempted to start making money with your website on day 1. Without a crystal ball, I can predict exactly how much money you are going to make on day 1 – $0.00.

Improving Your Page Load Time – Tips and Tricks to Optimise Your Pages

With the latest announcement that page loading times would soon be a factor in site ranking, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your website loads quickly, efficiently and doesn’t hang on various problems that make not only Google but the visitor waiting for ever. By looking at a few things, you can really help to increase your page load times, keeping the engines and your visitors happy.

Common Website Mistakes That Make Visitors Leave Your Website

Your website is important to you and you want visitors, yet traffic seems to avoid your website. Unfortunately there are things that can prevent your website from reaching the full potential it should. Common website mistakes can prevent visitors from visiting your site or staying long enough to learn anything about what your website offers.

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