What Are PLR Articles And The Benefits Of Using Them

Need to Hire WordPress Developer For Custom PSD to WordPress Services

PSD to WordPress conversion is one of the most important steps to lay a solid foundation of a professional WordPress powered website. For converting Photoshop to WordPress theme/ template many people hire WordPress developer. In this article, you are going to learn major advantages of a dedicated WordPress developer and some useful tips to keep in mind while hiring WordPress web developer.

What to Take Note of in Preparing the Best Website Layouts for Your Clients

Web designing is not a new business. A lot of businesses today are about making the best website layouts. It requires a huge ton of creativity and, of course, effort on the designer.

Things to Consider in Website Development

When commencing your website development it is important to ensure that you look at all of the basics. Here is a short checklist of essentials when undertaking a website build.

Web Template: The Cheaper Way to Build a Website

A web template is a ready made or a pre-designed page that only lacks one thing. That is, the content. It comes in blank, but already has the basics ready, like the design, the fonts, the navigation system and more. Web templates reduce if not eliminate the need for a professional to do the job.

How Website Layouts Can Give Your Website an Edge

Basically any kind or size of a business today has a website. Therefore, a website layout is a requirement for many businesses today. The very first thing one need to know in web designing is to avoid the overflow of content and images on a webpage.

Is Google Chrome The New Internet Explorer For The Web Development Industry?

Many who work in the web development industry hold a long festering hatred for Internet Explorer, simply because it doesn’t work in the same way that all the other browsers do and requires all sorts of hacks in order to get a website to work. It seems, however, that developers have a new browser to loathe – and it is known as Google Chrome. Whilst the good news is that Chrome is a lot more compatible than Internet Explorer, it is still full of bugs that lead developers to tear their hair out in frustration.

How to Measure Your Website’s Performance?

According to Forrester Research, online shoppers expect a web page to load in two seconds – and at three seconds, if they find that the page is still loading they will abandon the site. Though the two-second rule is still considered as a bench mark for many web commerce sites, the experts in the industry think that the rule is outdated.

Web Page Optimization

Why are website administrators or website owners still creating slowly running websites? Mainly due to a lack of understanding of simple visual search engine optimization techniques that will allow them to maintain an eye-catching website while keeping the page size smaller.

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