WordPress How To Add Video To A Page Or Post [2021]

How Novices Charge $500 For 5 Minutes Of Web Design

Did you know that you can build a fully functional and attractive website in just five minutes? Website designers know it because novices use this trick all the time to charge hundreds of dollars for trivial design work. The trick is to create websites using Content Management Systems (CMSes) that do all the work of turning text into beautiful complete webpages.

The Nation’s STEM Workforce

There are no limits in the WEB world, and yet sadly there are many WEB experts that are lacking that creative stance. The WEB industry is teaching that through the limitless expressions of creativity, students will find that STEM disciplines will be their chosen professional field. It is borderless, uncompromising and deemed to be an important factor in nation saving. There is no other profession that offers such self-nurturing as the industry that has melted away borders. STEM vocations have become the art form of the future.

Numbers and Testing Trump Politics

I’ve encountered many situations where decisions have been made and policies created by people who seem to be operating from a distance, or who clearly have allowed personal feelings to sway their thinking. Often, the better course of action can be obvious to lower-grade employees or outside consultants who may be ignored, discouraged, or even intimidated from offering their suggestions.

Talk to the Buyer Behind the Buyer

In addition to the clearly defined target audiences for your web presence, there may be other less obvious visitor types who are important or influential in the buying process, and whom you also need to address with your online messaging. This is especially true in technical fields or those where your promotional copy naturally includes a lot of industry-specific terminology. It’s important to ask whether everyone who sees this material will understand it, and if not, whether that matters.

Site Search Is Serious Business

An internal site search engine is a key component of any website with many pages/products or complex content. If it’s available, visitors will often use the site search immediately without any reference to the navigation template or other links. So it’s vital to provide what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Consider the Competition

Many companies, large and small, are faced with the ongoing decision of how much material to make publicly available within their website and social media presence. In each case, you’re weighing the benefit of providing content that boosts your credibility, emotional appeal, and the visitor’s propensity to buy, against the threat of making it easier for your competition to steal your work or to poach your customers or employees.

Appoint Your Web Ambassador

Like it or not, your web presence plays an increasingly key role in your organization. Your customers and prospects, Board members, employees (current and future), volunteers, bankers, insurers, investors, vendors, and sponsors all look to your website and your social media presence for information, resources, and community. If they don’t find these things quickly, there are many other online venues for them to defect to.

How to Improve Website Load Time

You want visitors to your blog or site to have as quality an experience as possible. Part of this is ensuring that your site is able to load as quickly as possible. Search engines also take load time into consideration as one of their ranking factors. There are quite a few things which you can and should do to improve website load time. Let’s get into em’ now.

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