WordPress Traffic Generation Tutorial Videos Made For Beginners (Step By Step)

4 Tips to Speed Up Your Website Loading Time

Consider a very common scenario. Imagine that you visit a top ranking website you found through the search engine results page (SERPs). The snippet of that website promises you the perfect solution to your search query or question. But when the site opens, it takes more than 10-15 seconds to load. Most likely, you will leave this site in frustration and go straight to a competitor site in the search results.

My First Website – Learn HTML, CSS and PHP

Knowing web languages can significantly improve the quality of your website. With few simple tweaks you can modify any template, you can change colors to match your content, you can change positions of page elements, etc.

How to Choose a Website Developer

So you’ve finally decided to join the family we like to call the Wild Wild West, I mean, the World Wide Web. You’ve realised that your company will go no further until you get your spot on the web, but where do you start?!

The Importance of Website Maintenance For Smooth Site Operation

Website maintenance is an essential feature of website ownership. Website visitors will always look for outstanding features and then if they are impressed, they will want to revisit your website.

Web Development – Springing to Life

As the accessibility of the internet develops in leaps and bounds, do too do the websites and applications which populate it. A few years ago choosing what frameworks, programmes, languages and tools to use during the development of a website was a simple process, but with the recent introduction of open-source and community projects there are hundreds of frameworks, applications and infrastructures for web developers to choose from. One of the pioneers of these open-source technologies is SpringSource.

Offshore Web Development Services – The Next Level

Offshore web development services have come off very far from the days when abroad based industry owners were dubious about them and their offerings. Now, every other company is on a lookout for its right and perfect outsourcing partner.

Wrinkles Can Show Your Age, So Can HTML Code!

I built my first commercial website back in 2000. A mate and myself landed the deal of a lifetime (back then it felt like it!). The project was for a development being built on the Vaal river at the time, Emerald Casino.

Framework? What Framework?

Over the course of your working relationship with your chosen web developers (or developer), you will be expected to engage with them about the requirements that you have for your website. More often than not they may also want to launch a discussion with you about FRAMEWORKS.

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