How To Build Contact Us Form For WordPress Website (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

The Ready Made Website: Build Your Own Website Using A Website Builder

Website builder software allows individuals, small to medium businesses and even large corporations to construct a website without the need for professional input. Although a professional oversight is lacking, many organizations and individuals have opted to use website builder facilities in order to create bespoke websites that cater specifically for their required needs.

How to Build a $4000 Open Source Dynamic Functionality Website in 40 Minutes

This blog will show how with free open source tools to build a spectacular information rich website that can be the epicenter of an online community as well as a platform to promote a message and sell a product. This website will have the following Web 2.0 features; multimedia content (video, photo, audio and animation), blogging system, event calendar, banner ad display system, ecommerce store, social media integration, forum, content aggregation, social network with Facebook and Twitter connect so visitors can create a profile in 2 clicks.

Creating A Web Directory With Good Contents

Today, the internet has become a part and parcel of our daily lives; and in fact it has insidiously worked its way into being an important tool in everybody’s life, so much so that an ISP or access line outage escalates to a priority emergency in most households. The World Wide Web has become a terrific pastime for many as it satisfies all information and entertainment needs. The web has also evolved into a trusty tool that is used for research and problem solving. There are tons of resources that will make you self-sufficient online.

More Accurate Estimates in Website Development

Any programmer will tell you how incredibly difficult it is to quote accurately when they are presented with a project. There are times when a developer will literally guess at a number when quoting on a project. But, there are ways that a programmer can estimate more accurately. The 3 best ways to quote accurately for website development are to remember these 3 words: Scope, Scale, and Speed.

Android Application Development – Now Omnipresent and Famous

Android application development is growing exponentially in popularity. The primary reason for this popularity is its features.

Web Design and Development in 2011 – What to Expect

If you are having a website designed in the near future, you will want it to look current and up to date. Even if you are hoping for a timeless feel to your site you likely do not want it looking outdated or stale right from the start.

Active Server Pages Web Development, Now Customized Services

The relevance of ASP.NET (ASP Dot Net) Web Development has now increased a lot because of the increased demand of dynamic websites and the need of developing advance web based applications. This Microsoft net framework program facilitates the developers to develop applications that link all the identities of any business such as the customers, employees and the management.

How To Launch A Website?

1. Select a Web host: Selecting the right web host is the most crucial part in launching your website. You can select from a variety of hosting service provider according to your requirements.

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