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Trying to Build a Worldclass Website on a Budget? No Problem, Here’s How

New businesses often find themselves needing to develop a website on a tight budget. Now you could argue this is a false economy but in the present economic climate it’s a simple fact of life that money is tight and other things take priority. Thankfully creating a low budget site that looks anything but cheap is perfectly feasible using powerful free web development tools and this article will show you how.

Outsource WordPress Integration Through PSD to WordPress Conversion Service

PSD to WordPress conversion services is considered a cost effective solution for customization of themes as well as templates. Besides that, this dynamic publishing tool is an effective content management system.

How to Retrieve URL Data With the PHP GET Function

Learn how to use $_GET effectively to collect data on any PHP page. When a request is made to a PHP script, take advantage of the built in PHP Super Global Array $_GET which automatically stores any Request data. Learn the difference between the Request and Response cycle of the web.

The Truth About Flash – Apple Vs Adobe

Every emerging technology generation seems to result in a battle of platforms and ideologies – a war between companies for the hearts, minds, dollars and loyalty of consumers for their system of choice. Memories of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer finally landing the fatal blow to Netscape, or Google’s meteoric rise to power over Yahoo (and the world), are now but footnotes in the history of humanities technological revolution. But no sooner are they forgotten are we plunked into the middle of another war – perhaps the most vicious yet, and the one that may just have the most impact on our…

Homestead Sitebuilder Review

Homestead Sitebuilder is much like any other website builder in that they allow practically anyone to be able to design their own website without having to know a thing about website design. This means that you can effectively and relatively easily build a website that you can have online and running in a matter of minutes, not months.

Web Development – How to Get Started in Web Development

11 years ago I purchased a book about basic HTML development. A purchase that would end up defining my entire professional career. I bought it because I wanted to create a web page for a school project. This was in the days of Geo city sites and it looked absolutely horrible.

Integrating WordPress Into PHP Scripts

Learn how to integrate WordPress header and footer functions directly into your PHP scripts. Often you have an existing PHP library that you want to use inside a WordPress installation. The tips in this article will show you clearly how to solve this problem.

Internet is the New TV!

In everything big, there is a period of dreams, concepts and initial discoveries. From the papyrus as a medium of advertising used by the Egyptians to make sales messages and wall posters, advertising has gone a long way.

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