How to Create a Website from Your Mobile Phone | Step-by-Step 2020

About Web Development Plagiarism

When you think about plagiarism, the first thought that comes to mind is probably something to do with writing (such as you might have faced during your university years when plagiarism was likely to get you kicked out) or art (where people are constantly faced with accusations of stealing other artist’s work). You probably don’t think about the same thing occurring in web development, but the reality of the situation is that the plagiarism of code and design is just as prevalent as the stealing of art and lyrics. Unfortunately, when it comes to web development, the law is…

Shift Your Business With the Assistance of Web Application Development

The area of web application development is offering the clients better aspects to move their business forward to increase the productivity and service quality. It is also playing an important role as a communication agent between the customers and the organization.

So Ya Wanna Have a Website? Here’s the Deal

Big or small, there’s no doubt a website – the right kind of website – can help your business grow and prosper. The key to that growth and prosperity is “the right kind of website.” What’s the right kind of site for a company selling products is not going to be the right kind of site for one selling a service, or information, or a political cause. Because their objectives differ, their sites must differ. But there are some basics – and basic expenses – common to every type of website.

10 Things To Check When WordPress Gives You Trouble

When your WordPress powered site starts acting up and you aren’t sure what to try, it can quickly wear you down. That’s when having a checklist of common things to review is helpful. Good thing is, you don’t have to create it yourself. Simply use this 10 point checklist.

Learning How to Make A Website Can Increase Your Small Business Profits

Over the years, the number of people using the Internet for a variety of reasons has increased dramatically. Not only are people using the Internet for entertainment or as a resource to get information, people are now using the Internet to do their shopping, stock trading, and much more.

7 Point Security Checklist For Your Internet Business

Think security is only for financial institutions and larger corporations who transmit and store sensitive personal information? Think again. Solo entrepreneurs have almost had their entire brand stolen from right under them. Use this quick 7 point checklist to help you better prepare yourself against web site theft and malicious activity.

Why Smartphone Applications Have Become Popular

Developing smartphone applications has been a popular practice these days. This is made possible due to the latest trends associated with it.

WordPress Site Cloning Earns You More

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in use on the internet. It has many features like a template system and a plug-in architecture system. It also features customizable themes and widgets. It also allows multi-user blogging and multi-blogging. If you have a WordPress site, having a clone of your WordPress site is advisable.

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