How To Get Notified When Your WordPress Site Goes Offline With Jetpack Plugin(Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch for Web Design

As a web designer and web developer, elevator pitches are an extremely important tool to use in this business. An elevator pitch gives a general overview of your business and services provided to a client. It is a broad summary that can be given in about 30 seconds that explains what it is you do, as well as sparks an interest of a potential client.

Recommended Fonts For Websites

The fonts that you use on your website give it the impression and feel that your visitors will pick up on. But out of the thousands that are available, which should you use?

Simple Tips to Make Successful Online Net Book Deals

You may be seeing exclusive online net book deals these days. Today many computer manufacturers are offering online purchase of cost effective laptops, loaded with multiple features. It’s like a heavenly star coming in your hands. These devices have become a common part of daily life.

HP 210 Net Book Gets Favorable Transition of Advanced Features

If you are a fan of HP computers, then this article will help you to update information about its recent achievements. The latter has updated its laptops under series of HP 210 net book.

How Long Does It Take to Design and Make a Website?

I am often asked how long does it take to design and make a website? Well the answer really depends on you. But here are a few pointers.

Asus 1215N-PU17 Net Book: The Perfect Handy PC With Modified Features

ASUS 1215N-PU17 net book is a perfect handy PC. Its attractive and sleek plastic exterior is a redesign of 1018 P version.

Web Development and The Best Paid iPhone Apps – Part 2

Web development & the best paid iPhone apps – Part 1 introduced a couple of really invaluable iPhone apps that are useful for almost any kind of business. We’ll list out some more now and get that iPhone of yours to start really pulling its weight.

Web Development and The Best Paid iPhone Apps – Part 1

In the Web development & the best free iPhone apps series we highlighted a few of the most vital applications that you can use on your iPhone without spending a thing. With this series however we’ll show you some stunning apps that might not be free but are worth their weight in gold.

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