How To Setup A WordPress Blog [SUPER EASY]

Explanation Of Scrum Burndown Charts – The Plotting, Requirement, And Purpose Of Burndown Charts

A burn down chart is extremely important while implementing scrum methodology, and it should be properly understood for the purpose of monitoring the sprint activity. The chart reflects the total work done, as well as the amount of work still pending at the end of the sprint.

How to Add a Yammer Feed to SharePoint 2013

Learn how to add a Yammer Embedded Feed into your SharePoint 2013. 3 easy steps for full integration!

What You Want (and Don’t Want) From a Website Monitoring Service

When it comes to the monitoring of your website, it’s crucial that you understand not all website monitoring services are created equal. The fact of the matter is that downtime equates to lost profits and one of the most important weapons in your arsenal against downtime is your website monitoring service. If the service you use isn’t up to par in regards to their features and practices, you may not be providing your site with the level of protection it needs.

Why All Website Owners Need Website Monitoring Service

In today’s day and age, the majority of us turn to the Internet when we are in need of a product or service. After all, the Internet allows us to shop online any time of the day or night and provides us with 24/7 information about businesses and services in our area. As such, an increasing number of businesses depend on the performance of their websites to ensure their success.

How Website Monitoring Benefits Business Websites

As the number of people who turn to the Internet to conduct transactions or get information about products and services increases, the importance of your site’s availability increases as well. Potential customers do not have the patience to deal with downtime or poor site performance. If your site isn’t available when they want access to it, chances are they won’t wait for the site to come back up.

Boost Your Travel Business With B2B and B2C Travel Portal Development

B2B and B2C Portal development are some tasks that require firm abilities at different levels, whether it DB planning, architecture designing, GUI design, middle tier integration or coding. Numerous Travel portal development tasks can be accomplished through companies that offer a multiple worldwide clientele.

Designing a Web Page – Intelligent and Wise Design Decisions Are the Norm

Are you interested in designing a web page? Are you a person who has a keen eye for colors and concepts? Can you transform thoughts and ideas into reality through your splendid design?

Mobile Websites: Why Do We Need Them?

Latest evolutions in mobile technology have proliferated cellular equipment. Companies must think seriously about establishing web sites for mobile equipment. The traditional sites are not meant for the cellular equipment because of several reasons. There is a big difference in the display arrangement and the functional aspect of of desktops and mobiles.

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