Put Your Country On The Map With This Interactive World Map Plugin For WordPress

The Average Costs of Designing Your Own Website

This article outlines the average cost of designing your website. You know you need a website, but what does that mean for your bottom line? This is written to give perspective to anyone prospecting a new or redesigned site, with an itemized list of the expenses and average costs for each. Links to common definitions included.

Using Interactive Locator Maps on Your Web Site

A locator map shows all the places where your business operates. It can show where you have stores, offices, customers, warehouses – anything that conveys the scope of your operation. When you make a locator map interactive, visitors to your web site can simply click hotspots on the map to read about a particular location, see a photo, or watch a video. An interactive locator map is fun to use and makes your web site look more professional.

Web 2.0: A Clear Explanation

Web 2.0 is a buzz word that has been floating around the net for years, but has increased in its popularity over the last several months. This is largely due to the uncontested successes of sites like Facebook and YouTube. The popularity of these sites has virtually dictated the direction of internet use for years to come. I teach folks how to market online and at some point in time I am usually asked “What exactly is Web2.0 anyway?” This article should clarify it for you.

Steps to Become a Web Developer

This article provides the steps needed to create and maintain a successful Web presence. How can we develop a good quality website for our business successfully.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

There are many reasons why your business needs to have some kind of web presence like a website or a blog. Below are seven (7) reasons worth considering.

How to Make Your Website Succeed On the Web

With all of the millions of websites online, it can be hard to succeed. However, with hard work and the right knowledge, you can build a successful website and make a full-time income.

Internet Directory

An internet directory also known as a website directory is a directory on the internet or the world wide web. A web directory categorises lists of websites and gives you a summary of what each site is about and what to expect from it. A human edited web directory is created and maintained by editors who add links and categories to the directory.

Freelance Web Designer Vs Professional Web Designer

So there are several relative advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer or a professional web designer. Major among them are budget, technical capability, accountability, customer handling capacity, flexibility and capacity of understanding. At first you need to check out your project’s volume before making the final call. Understand your website’s and trade’s needs and select the designer according to that. Be prepared and go.

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