WordPress Website Ecommerce Tutorial Videos Made For Beginners (Step By Step)

Web Design and Internet Marketing

The Internet is designed by regular people like you and I! Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask the stupid questions! Everyone starts somewhere.

Create a Website in 30 Seconds With WordPress Express

WordPress Express is quite simply awesome! It is simple system that enables you to create highly optimized income generating websites within seconds. To get free search engine traffic, you will need a website that is highly optimized. Without this you won’t get a good listing in Google.

Logo Design Purchase Tutorial For New Buyers

When you buy something for the first time in life, you feel a bit intimidated and wonder whether you will be successful or get ripped off. This feeling is normal as you are spending money and no one likes to lose his or her hard earned money.

Proper Content For a Sellable Website Homepage

First of all, you need to ask yourself why you are creating a website. What are you hoping to gain or benefit from it? Most sites are created to make money. If this is your case, then you need to determine how you are going to make that a reality.

Will Your Web Site Benefit From Using Social Plugins?

There are many different web site tools that allow you to add social features to any website. Many webmasters stay away from these tools because they feel that they do not really add any true value to their site and may actually detract from the main focus of the domain or website. I think that this is horse feathers. Using social plugins and site add-ons only gives your site more appeal to a larger crowd and encourages visitor interaction which in many cases makes you site much more “sticky” which is what keeps you visitors coming back for more!

The Process of Creating a Website

There are many reasons to build a website. Maybe you want to promote a product, or your business, or just give the general public information about a certain subject. No matter what your reason there are steps you need to take to getting you website online. Most people don’t know you need to buy a domain, get hosting and design a site. It is not as easy as getting a template and plugging it online.

Cheap Web Development Services May Not Be the Best Choice

Though people often have a tendency to hire cheap web development services to save cost, the same may backfire as many of these services compromise on the quality of the end product. So, cheap may not always be the best bet to save precious dollars as you may end up having a website that does not match your requirements.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website

The rules are constantly changing online. By now you probably understand that you need a website, but you may not know the right questions to ask to insure that you get a website that works for you, to get you more business and to convert visitors into raving fans. Let’s take a look at the top five questions to ask before having a site built.

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