WordPress Writing Settings Overview Tutorial For Beginners (Step By Step)


Finding Search Engine Friendly Websites

The largest search engines on the Internet are Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. They allow the computer owner to, with the click of the mouse, log on and search the Internet for any information desired.

Setting Up A Website Is So Easy – 3 Simple Steps To Setting Up A Website

Do you want to setup a website on the internet? This article explains, how you can get your website up in 3 simple steps.

How to Rate My Website

The old websites are more valuable because of the following: They are recognized & the branding they have is valuable. They undoubtedly have many links that they have earned throughout the years, links that will be lost, links that many times come from websites which have a reputation, that have a lot of authority (trust) on the web, and that usually have a strong impact on positions.

Important Questions to Be Asked Before Hiring WordPress Developer

There are various factors which should be considered before hiring WordPress developer. In this article, some important questions are given should be ask by an individual while hiring web developer.

Can I Really Get A Free Website As Advertised On The Internet?

Is there really such a thing as a free website? How can all these companies give away something for free and make money? There has to be a catch right?

FTP as an Email Alternative

Email is usually very easy to setup, but if your email is client based, i.e. you use something like Outlook to access your emails, then you have to set it up and you can only get at your messages from one place. FTP and the web is changing that dramatically.

Website Making Must-Know

Do you know what’s the latest craze these days? Website making! It is not only easy and fun way to do but it can also generate money. If you are a newbie in website making or if you simply want to know more about website making, see the list below for tips on how to make a website:

Do You Know What HTML Is?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is essentially how people communicate and acknowledge each other on the World Wide Web as it is the core markup language. The latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, HTML5, has recently been launched with new features and elements to boast about.

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