Basic WordPress Theme Overview For Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial)

Reasons to Have A Website

There are almost 2 Billion people (approximately 1.967 million users), about 1/3 of the world population, who have access to the Internet. With a number of that size it is nearly impossible to ignore the power of an online site.

Your First Website Niche Should Be One You Have A Passion For

Choosing your first niche for affiliate income is easier when you choose something you know. Write about it and you will make money, turning your passions into a real home income business.

HTML Website Vs Content Management Systems (CMS) Websites

Web design is an important factor for all types of people, small businesses to the artists, a growing portfolio of large companies. Every business needs a website, but there’s more. Good web design quality is required to make it even easier to read and easy to navigate site. That’s where designers come in.

Building HTML Websites Can Be a Daunting Task

Building websites can be very daunting to someone just starting out. Websites speak in a language all their own. For your first website you probably will need to learn some of that language.

Content Management System – A Simplified Solution for Your Web-Content Needs

Content management system is the best tool to manage a website content without being too much technical expert, without using any ftp or file editing software. In short it’s a full packed cost effective tool.

How To Make Your Homepage Appealing

Getting the homepage right is one of the most important parts of your newly created website. After all, it’s almost guaranteed that your homepage is the one that the majority of visitors will land on first.

WordPress Plug-Ins: The Heart and Soul of WordPress Site Functionality

Discusses WordPress plugins and how they add such great functionality to WordPress sites. Expert advice on how plugins work.

What External (Customer-Based) Objectives Should My Website Support?

There are people behind those numbers. Incorporating fundamental advertising approaches with your Web analytics is a valuable way to fine-tune your audience. Use the funnel model for your site, and begin with the broadest stage of identifying your audience.

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