How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress (3 Easy Ways)

How Directories Affect a Website’s Success

Building backlinks is essential to a website’s success. To make money online your website has to get traffic. Building backlinks is one of the most important factors.

Three Qualities of Effective Medical Practice Websites

Many medical practices now have websites for their physicians. Since physician practices are often quoted outrageously high fees to develop medical practice websites, some doctors try to bypass these services and build the practice website on their own. NOT a good idea unless you are a trained webmaster with an excellent knowledge of design and function!

Use PHP and MySQL to Create Dynamic Web Sites

A Web site developer using PHP will include PHP script/code within the XHTML/HTML code of a web page. The PHP script/code can do many things that make a Web site dynamic, rather than static.

Information About Customized Web Development

If you can afford it, custom website development is the path for you. With these services, you are guaranteed to have a personalized and professionally built website.

Internet Marketing Strategies – 4 Keys to Build a Powerful Website

When you start internet marketing be sure to follow these 4 internet marketing strategies to establish a powerful website. That, and following a successful mentor, will set you on the way to sleep and make money!

Recruitment Web Design and The Old House Building Analogy

Good, effective websites for recruiters have a good deal in common with other well-functioning websites. The key thing is that they are different things to different people. To recruitment clients, they need to convey different content to potential candidates.

CSS Advice For Businesses With Websites – Not Web Designers

For all small businesses with websites, but who are not too web savvy, these are the basics you need to know about CSS websites and whether you need one. The difference between HTML tables websites and CSS websites.

Learn How to Start a Membership Site

Each and every individual is curious to find out how to start a membership site. A membership site is a site where a visitor has to pay to view the contents, and unauthorized viewers are prohibited from surfing such sites.

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