The Do’s And Don’ts Of Starting A YouTube Channel For Your Brand

Top 4 Reasons to Create a Customized Website

If you’ve chosen to create a website either for your online business or for your bricks and mortar store you’ve probably realized that there are two basic choices. You can use a prefabricated template to create a website that will generally do what you want it to. Or, you can choose to create a customized website or hire someone to create it for you.

Web Development – Step by Step Guide to Designing Your Own Website

Using the same basic principles, every small business owner can design his or her own website. With a little patience and some general knowledge, you can be up on the web in no time.

Clean Up the Closets of Your Website

What’s lurking in the closets of your website? Pull every bit of content out, and with the help of your website stats, start sorting. Is there content that hasn’t been read in the last 2 years? Are there forgotten micro-sites or landing pages from old campaigns?

Get Help Building a Website That Will Grow Your Profits

I was sitting here thinking about what I could share with you today, and one of the things that came to mind was the amazing power of having your own website. So, I would like to share with you how to get help building a website that will grow your profits.

How to Setup Your Website in Dreamweaver

To get started with Dreamweaver, you need to tell Dreamweaver where your website files are on your computer and where your server is. Here’s how!

10 Ways to Protect Your Joomla Website!

While I don’t confess to being a security expert here’s my top-ten list that I’ve picked up over the years that should help if you are looking to secure your site and all the work you’ve put into it. 1. Make sure your server is patched with the latest bug and security fixes.

Completely Free Website – Simple Steps to a Creation of an Online Money Making Machine

When you think about setting up a website to make money on the internet, you have to allow money for the cost of setup. Your costs cover such things as domain name registration (placing the actual name of your website in your name, so that no one else can own this name unless you allow it to expire) hosting for your website (which is the actual amount of web space allowed for all your files, pages, images and videos etc) and even such things as uploading your files to your site and any other services you require for your site, but are not provided for free by your host.

Website Backup Options in the Market Today

If you are like most website publishers, you cannot risk the loss of the information that keeps your website operational. In some instances, however, a crash or server problem could wipe your website out. Also, it could destroy any files you have saved and these files may contain highly sensitive documents of information. That is why it is important to take proper precautionary measures in the case of a hard drive or operating system crash.

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